Transformative Leadership in Action: Allyship, Advocacy, and Activism

A Volume in the International Leadership Association series Building Leadership Bridges By J. Bruce and K. McKee (Eds.) Forthcoming. Emerald Group Publishing

Call for Chapter Proposals Deadline: 30 August 2019

Emerald Group Publishing Logo The International Leadership Association (ILA) invites you to submit a chapter proposal for possible inclusion in the volume entitled Transformative Leadership in Action: Allyship, Advocacy, and Activism and to be published by Emerald Group Publishing.

Book Summary

Leadership is an action word. It requires you to be engaged in public, visible ways. In a time when the world is facing significant challenges, leaders who will work for justice and equity for all people are necessary. Transformative Leadership in Action: Allyship, Advocacy, and Activism will not be just another feel good leadership tome. Instead, it will challenge readers to do the necessary self-work required of a 21st century leader— while also providing the road map to developing the skills necessary to take on increasing public leadership roles to support causes related to justice and equity.

While there are books that take cursory looks into the apex of leadership and social justice, what is missing from the discussion are two key components. First, is the necessary tie between social justice work and leadership competencies grounded in theory. Second, a pedagogical guide in teaching at this apex—something that will engage both the instructor and student(s) in unique learning journeys. This book will offer insight for those individuals who are just getting started in leadership and activism work, and will scaffold the text so that even those individuals who have experience with advocacy and activism will find something useful.

The theme of the book will be leadership is action. As interest in justice as an outcome continues to grow, it is essential for leadership educators and practitioners to ground their teaching and action for social justice in leadership theories. Educators, current and future leaders need support in doing the self-work and applying the leadership theories necessary to engage in allyship, advocacy, and activism for justice and equity

The forthcoming edited volume Transformative Leadership in Action: Allyship, Advocacy, and Activism will provide that guidance in the form of a useful resource designed to heighten leadership effectiveness through access to both theory and practice. Divided into (1) theory, (2) pedagogy, and (3) practice sections, the collection will offer lessons, models, and practices from leadership scholars and justice/equity practitioners (activists) upon which to base their own practice. Chapters will bridge theory and practice to empower leaders to act in their own unique contexts.

We hear the call for transformative action to create a just and equitable world. As the great Alice Walker said, "Activism is my rent for living on the planet". The time is now. We hope that you will join us in "paying our rent" and creating a world that works for all.

Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in contributing to this unique textbook, please submit by 30 August 2019 a chapter proposal including outline max 500 words (submission details below) that explains how your chapter will help answer one of the two guiding descriptions:

  1. 1000-2500 word vignettes. These vignettes can, and should, be used as case studies, cautionary tales, blueprints for practice, and personal development.
  2. 5000 word chapters. Following the guide of the Student Leader Activist Identity Continuum (Bruce, McKee, Morgan, Warner, 2019), authors in this section will take a deep dive into the pedagogy necessary to bridge the theory to competencies in each stage of the model. Doing so will supply the reader with both the theoretical underpinnings and the roadmaps to providing their learners the types of opportunities that will net the desired outcomes.
    • Learner Identities
    • Ally Identities
    • Advocate Identities
    • Activist Identities

In addition to your 500 word (max) outline, please briefly answer (50 words or less per question) the following questions in bulleted list format:

  1. Title: What is your draft chapter title?
  2. Background: What theories AND "on the ground" personal and professional experiences ground your social justice and leadership work?
  3. Approach: What viewpoints and whose voices do you intend to highlight to help answer the call to action.
  4. Findings: Describe your call(s) to action or actionable take-aways you intend for the readers.
  5. Implications and applications: Describe the settings in which your chapters would be of greatest use.
  6. Keywords: List up to 5 keywords and/or key phrases that reflect the chapter's main topic(s)

Important Dates

Please send your submission by 30 August 2019 to All proposals will be reviewed by 15 September 2019, and selected chapters will have first drafts be due by 10 December 2019. Final drafts will be due by 15 February 2019.

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